20% Personal Time Myth?

It started off so many innovations but over time, the dreary management systems of the traditional take over.

Based on this 9to5Google.com article, Google’s 20% time for employees to work on personal project exists only on paper but not on practise. I have also heard the other company known for this rule, 3M is also another mythological company culture that did exist back in the day.

Innovation definitely needs some sort of rebellious streak and self discovery. Having no time for this at work could see more entrepreneurs emerging on their own and the undercover entrepreneur will begin to work from within the company. Using company resources, time and space, these undercover entrepreneurs make plans and work on their own projects.

Employers who fail to recognise and support these individuals or groups could start to lose out on the control and power they have over these ideas.

Its a natural move that startups move into a structured organisation. Hence the rise of corporate disorganisers have a role to play in reminding these companies what it means to be entrepreneurial and to think different.


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