Crazy Ideas That Work

One thing for sure is that everyone seems to ignore the crazy ideas. But what if they worked? This article highlights 5 seemingly crazy or counterintuitive ideas that showed to work

Norway Reforms Convicts by Giving Them Insane Amounts of Freedom

Norway has an incredibly low recidivism rate — within two years of being released from jail, a Norwegian offender is only a third as likely to commit another crime as criminals from, say, the United States. This is because unlike the U.S. justice system, which relies heavily on retribution, the Norwegian system believes in rehabilitation. The whole point of their prison system is to fix the criminal and turn him into a productive member of society. And, when you look at the statistics, it’s working like there is no tomorrow. It’s weird, it’s almost like the shankings and man-rape in American prisons aren’t teaching criminals to walk the straight and narrow.

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