Virtual Leadership

In my last class with final year undergraduate students on Bioentrepreneurship, I asked them to share about a leadership experience they had gone through.

One young, shy girl stood up and shared about her leadership experience as an assistant guild leader in the MMORPG world. She said that she felt great to have been able to be in a position to bring others to victory over the other guild/clan and she was really into making connections, deals and getting more people to join her guild. I thought this was a new experience in leadership and wondered if it was a good thing to learn leadership in a virtual environment.

A few days later, Dr Elmore’s article on “When Virtual Becomes Reality” was posted and it got me thinking deeper on how virtual lacks in the tangible;

1) Virtual reality (video games, etc) offers experiences without consequences.
2) What we feed our minds will eventually lead to outcomes.
3) Life will imitate TV and video games, whether we admit it or not.

While the two examples showed how a person can learn and experience leadership while the other destruction, it certainly is true that if we feed ourselves rubbish, we’re gonna get rubbish actions. The other concept is whether virtual gaming or experiences are enforcing the “action less mind or mind less action loops”? There certainly is a time and place to do it virtually but the context and guidance must still come from a good mentor and leader.


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