Minimalist Periodic Table

From Design;

The periodic table may be one of the greatest accomplishments in information visualization. Its simple approach–lining and layering atoms by number of protons–is something that anyone can understand. But the subtle ways the table groups elements into related columns or implies traits through its diagonals is data poetry to the trained scientist.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the table from being reimagined many times. Most recently, designer Alison Haigh created this minimalist periodic table, built less for understanding the nature of elements than appreciating the basic intricacies behind our natural world.

It looks pretty awesome and fresh. It helps to understand the addition of elections to make the connection with the creation of a new element. Yet this does;t help to teach or name each element which may get confusing and you would still need prior knowledge of the old periodic table to have an good grasp of what is going on.

I still enjoy the fresh look at an old visual table


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