Future Jobs

We all know that many jobs that exist today, didn’t exist 10-20 years ago. Who would have thought of Sustainability Directors, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Wellness officer or even Cross Pollinators.

Fast.co gets 8 new job titles which originate from the brains of those at Sparks & Honey – a New York trend-spotting firm.

  1. Digital Death Manager
  2. Un-Schooling Counsellor
  3. Armchair Explorer
  4. 3D Printing Handyman
  5. Microbial Balancer
  6. Corporate Disorganiser
  7. Digital Detox Specialist
  8. The Urban Shepherd

I like the concept of a Corporate Disorganiser – it’s like a loose canon in a structured organisation, blowing holes through the silo walls and allowing the free flow and exchange of ideas and inspiration.


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