Food Fraud

A nice article by a friend, Sheryl Salis, a senior registered nutritionist, naturopath, certified diabetes educator and wellness coach. She opens the lids on old ideas and busts out the myths we have come to believe about food.

  1. Sugar-Free Chocolate – Do not fall prey to the sugar free scam assuming it won’t affect your blood sugar levels. ‘Sugar free’ does not mean carb, calorie or fat free.
  2. Brown bread – The truth is that brown bread may not necessarily be made with whole wheat flour or whole grain. Some manufacturers add caramel colour to the dough to give it its brown colour.
  3. Multigrain high fibre biscuits – To make the biscuits crunchy and crispy, manufacturers add fats and sugar.
  4. Fat free cereals – Manufacturers are marketing them as low fat meal replacers and are asking us to replace two of our traditional home cooked meals with these highly processed cereals loaded with additives.
  5. Light/ Lite butter – One word of caution, even though lite butter is cholesterol free, it is not fat free. It has saturated fat and sodium, which puts you at a risk of heart disease if not taken in moderation
  6. Nutrition /Energy Bars – Watch out! Have a good look on the food label of the wrapper before you make a choice. Many of these are simply enhanced sweets with as much sugar, saturated fat and calories as a snicker bar.
  7. Diet foods – roasted does not mean its calorie free. There are two options available “low fat” or “fat free”. The low fat version is the one which is deep fried but the oil is drained out and the fat free is where uses refined edible oil to spray seasonings and enhance flavour.
  8. Flavored yoghurt – Most flavoured yogurts which come in a variety of mouth watering flavours don’t contain any real fruit but have added fruit concentrate, making them high in sugar.
  9. Ready to eat foods – The manufacturers need to add fat and sodium to increase the shelf life of the product. And that’s why if you have a look at the food label above it is loaded with sodium.
  10. Cholesterol free oil – Remember all vegetable oils are free of cholesterol. Cholesterol is only present in non veg foods like meat, fish, eggs, butter, milk and milk products.

Read more here


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