Fail Fast to Succeed Early

Almost every one of these people we accept as wildly successful had to overcame obstacles – obstacles of failure. Who are they? Huffington Post shares these people and their failures;

Bill Gates’ first business failed.

Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four years old.

Jim Carrey used to be homeless.

Benjamin Franklin dropped out of school at age ten.

Simon Cowell had a failed record company.

Steven Spielberg was rejected from USC, twice.

Richard Branson has dyslexia.

Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime.

Franklin Roosevelt became partially paralyzed at 39.

Stephen King’s first novel was rejected 30 times.

Jay-Z couldn’t get signed to any record labels.

Oprah Winfrey gave birth at age 14 and lost her child.

Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before creating the lightbulb.

All of them failed early and failed fast to move onto the next stage of life. They each seized opportunities and made it work for them. In our Singaporean society, its hard to talk about failure. Even those who succeed seldom share about their failures and hard life in the past. But to those who do… Listen closely to them


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