Myth in Science

To most of the world, science is either embraced or rejected. There are also those who use science to their advantage. Here are two case of it

1) 10 Scientific Ideas That Scientists Wish You Would Stop Misusing (io9)

"Many ideas have left the world of science and made their way into everyday language — and unfortunately, they are almost always used incorrectly. – Proof, Theory, Quantum, Learned vs Innate, Natural, Gene, Statistically Significant, Organic, Survival of the fittest, Geologic Timescales

2) Not all scientific studies are created equal David H. Schwartz | TED-Ed

"Every day, we are bombarded by attention grabbing headlines that promise miracle cures to all of our ailments — often backed up by a “scientific study.” But what are these studies, and how do we know if they are reliable? David H. Schwartz dissects two types of studies that scientists use, illuminating why you should always approach the claims with a critical eye."


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