3 Rules to Spark Learning

This TED talk by chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam highlights the need to implant a desire to learn in the learners.

Curiosity leads learners into their own investigation and deeper learning. Technology should not come before the innate curiosity of learners.Hence, questions are the real seeds of students learning.

Here are his rules;

1. Curiosity comes first.
"Questions can be windows to great instruction, but not the other way around." Questions are so important, we need to learn how to ask powerful questions more and more.

2. Embrace the mess.
The scientific process is messy. It just looks good in history

3. Practice reflection.
Self reflection and teacher reflection is important. Reflect on what we do as whether is it important?

I also love this last liner

Educators leave behind this simple role as disseminators of content and embrace a new paradigm as cultivators of curiosity and inquiry, we just might bring a little bit more meaning to their school day, and spark their imagination.

How will this change the way you facilitate learning?


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