Set Stats – SG Style

The Singapore Department of Statistics has released an app for the public to access and visualise public data. What a leap from 20 years ago when I bought the annual stats booklet to learn more about Singapore (Thanks to Geography Class for teaching me this).

The new app presents the country’s official statistics over 200 charts, ranging from 25 categories from Singapore’s gross domestic product to manufacturing

Straits Times, 25 Nov 2014

Most of the charts are either line, bar or pie charts. It would be good if we can choose the comparison of various data sets or have a question like intro interface to get users to ask trivia like questions. There are still much information missing like land area, % of forested areas, and other hardcore stats which Singaporeans need to know more about (e.g. no. of complaints, happiness index)

Give it a try by downloading the app – SIngStat, from your favorite App Store.


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