Three Principles of the Age of Innovation

A recent talk by Joi Ito on TED gave an insight to 3 principles that is governing and changing the world in the new innovation age.

Principle #1: Power of Pull
Joi illustrates the power of pull, “One of my favorite principles is the power of pull, which is the idea of pulling resources from the network as you need themrather than stocking them in the center and controlling everything”. I think this ties in with the problem that many companies, governments and social groups operate in silos. The capability to open up and share for innovation can be easier said than done as there are deep trust issues among the tri-sector.

Principle #2: Bottom Up Innovation
With regards to today’s innovation landscape, Joi highlight the bottom up innovation approach that is emerging. “it’s democratic, it’s chaotic, it’s hard to control. It’s not bad, but it’s very different, and I think that the traditional rules that we have for institutions don’t work anymore, and most of us here operate with a different set of principles”. I don;t think this eliminates the top-down approach as it is often important to excite the top folks with the innovation.

Principle #3: Education & Learning
Joi says, “Education is what people do to you and learning is what you do to yourself”.

There is quite a lot to ponder over these as we continue to work, live and function in today’s “Age of Innovation”

Watch the entire talk here



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