Brainstorming Never Say Phrases

We all like to call from a “brainstorm” session but more often than not, it winds up as a session to validate the loudest person in the room. Sometimes, we also feel worse after these brainstorm sessions – people use phrases which actually make these sessions less effective

Fast Co. outlines seven things one should never say when in a brainstorm session;

  1. “Let’s Hold Our Ideas Until We Can Get Out Of The Office.”
  2. “Okay, Everybody Start Tossing Out Ideas.”
  3. “We Need To Walk Out Of Here With One Great Idea.”
  4. “We’re All Busy, So Don’t Waste Our Time With Nonsense.”
  5. “I’ll Kick Things Off By Telling You My Ideas.”
  6. “Everybody Keep Your Seats.”
  7. “We’ve Tried That Before.”

Read the full article here


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