Self Medicating Butterflies Presentation

I enjoyed this TED video on “How Butterflies Self Medicate” by Jaan de Roode. He has a simple message, wrapped in a simple story and powered by scientific experiments. This needs to be how science needs to be shared with people and the public to encourage more questions and develop curiosity to know more.

Jaan presents experiments to help us understand the thinking process, the experimental failure and the drive to uncover more of a puzzle.



Its just intriguing to follow the journey of research in this manner. I believe that a good research knows how to think do and share. Lots of researchers tend to fall short of being able to share and help people understand their research. They should invest more time in doing so as the rewards would benefit not only the researcher, but the world of science.

Watch the video here

So, after watching this video, I’m really curious to find out more about self medicating animals or as they call it, “animal doctors”.


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