DIY Labs as Alternatives to University Research Labs

When I was in High School, I was not able to take up biology as a subject because I didn’t make the cut to be in the “triple science” stream. I found it really ironical that I continued to pursue my passion for biology and eventually completed a PhD in immunology.

With this article from Guardian I was brought back to thinking that if DIYBio labs existed in those days, then I could have sped up my interest and learnings in biology through such labs. However, I think the key ingredient would be the need for strong mentors or guides at these labs to funnel and cultivate the interest.

DIY labs can harness talent
Although it’s evident that good, serious research can be done by startups and DIYers, aren’t the best researchers found at universities? If anything, the opposite may be true, and corporations have caught on to the fact that the best and the brightest are often not to be found gracing the halls of university ivory towers.

Will the big corporations begin to invest in open DIY labs with a fixed agenda? Or will CrowdLabs have models of both crowdfunding and DIYBio merged?


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