Millennials Are Changing The Work Place

Millennials and the workplace has been a battle ground of the traditional and the emerging future. While such battles of having new blood into a large corporation is nothing new, the millennials seem to be blazing their own trail in terms of the trends in the market place. Maybe because the level of employment is ever increasing today. The opportunity to be entrepreneurs, self employment and lifestyle jobs are beginning to take old in society are pushing people out of the traditional workspaces.

The millennial are a generation used to the “instant” – instant noodles, instant messaging and instant gratification. While many argue that learning to be discipline and follow the rules of a company is just a matter of discipline, there may also be another part to this story. Millennials do things differently in a different time. Millennials grew up in a time when technology is changing so fast. While it used to take a generation for a technology to take hold and be replaced, we are now experiencing and exponential rate of technology changes and the ability to learn and adopt is highly prized. How many grandparents are already using wireless smart phones when the first phone they every saw was wired and plugged in?

The insights shared by Dr Tim Elmore is relevant to this as this article discusses some of the shifts millennials are causing to the work place. The illustration summarises the key points – and reading the full article will help in expounding the points raised.

Read the full article here


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