Amino – Hack at Home

The next century is to be driven by the bio-industry. But how can we really revolutionise it all unless we can teach bio and do bio right in the home?

Meet Amino, a project by Julie Legault, an artist, designer, and biohacker from Montreal. Spinning out from her MIT media lab masters thesis, Amino is “a counter-top sized biolab that enables anyone to grow living cells to create new and interesting things – like fragrances, flavours, materials, medicine, and more. Bioengineering is going to drive the next century in the same way electrical engineering shaped the last. It is important for everyone to the opportunity to experience the technology, hands on. Our goal is to make genetic engineering accessible to everyone and enable the next wave of personalized manufacturing using biology”.

This is exciting for the DIYBio movement. Check out the indiegogo page.

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