Why Play At Work Can Help

A recent article in Huffington Post by Jo Confino describes “Why Lego’s CEO Thinks More Grown-Ups Should Play At Work”. This is one of the hardest things form large organisations to embrace and control as play is often synonymous with chaos.

The CEO of Lego, the world’s most successful toy company, agrees. Jørgen Vig Knudstorp says it’s time to end the mistaken belief that being playful and being serious are at odds with each other. Just watch children, and you realize that play is a very serious business.

Knudstorp says one of the biggest mistakes companies can make is to think that sticking a foosball or pingpong table in the office equates to playfulness.

“It goes a lot deeper than that, and play offers a lot of promise for businesses,” he says. “Creative companies create inspiring environments. Tim Brown of innovation and design company Ideo says play creates a risk-free environment that encourages people to experiment, as there is no such thing as failure. It is much more conducive to problem solving than the traditional ‘I am right and you are wrong and there is only one way of doing things.'”

“We believe in play as a transformative agent in society, and we need more creativity to solve the world’s problems,” he adds. “Play is not considered a serious activity because it happens in an implicit way, but if you play, you learn in a deeper way. The problem is that some people can view it as a little bit self-indulgent and believe learning should be dull and boring.”

I’ve been considering to learn more about using lego for work playing with the Serious Play program.

How have you incorporated purposeful play into your work place?

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