Dealing with the Voice of Judgement

Do you remember the Aesop Fable about the old man, boy/old wife and the donkey It illustrates how there is always a comment to be made by people. It highlights what it called the “Voices of Judgement” that we can face in any decision or action. How then do we deal with this?

Is it so simple to forget about what people say? Maybe there are grains of truth to the judgement of others? In Theory U/Presencing, the “Voice of Judgement (VoJ)” is addressed;

For us as observers, we will need to “suspend” the voice of judgement and attend to the situation at hand. We will then move from the projection of our judgement to the true observation.

It is almost an automatic response to form judgments about changes we are asked to make. It is a hazard to progress in our profession. We receive change as an intrusion on our routine and make our opposition well known. But, what would it look like for us if we suspended that practice and accepted the work with an open mind. – Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers (Link)

Its important to stop and remember how we contribute to this VoJ when we innovate & change. It will indeed make a difference to the conversation and the way your innovation moves forward.


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