50 Ways to Happiness & Success

Medium has a list of ways to achieve happiness and success on your own terms. Not all necessarily lead to success by being wealthy or materially abundant. It is truly re-calibrating your state of happiness & success. And not one thing will probably be responsible for a change, but it will start you on a path of “better-ness”.

These are my favourite ones;

  1. Pray or meditate morning, mid-day, and night
  2. Write in your journal 5 minutes per day
  3. Fast from the internet 24 hours once per week
  4. Do something kind for someone else daily
  5. Get 7+ hours of sleep each night
  6. Say “No” to people, obligations, requests, and opportunities you’re not interested in from now on
  7. Say “Thank you” every time you’re served by someone
  8. Decide where you’ll be in five years and get there in two
  9. Choose to have faith in something bigger than yourself, skepticism is easy
  10. Save 10 percent or more of your income
  11. Tithe or give 10 percent of your income away
  12. Define what wealth and happiness mean to you
  13. Make your bed first thing in the morning
  14. Become good friends with your parents
  15. Spend time reflecting on your blessings at least once per day

Read the full article here


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