Shift The Questions

Having good conversations with youths is part of my work, my ministry and my passion. I love to talk to them and hear what dreams they have and how they plan to achieve them. It was also a chance for me to share my own experience and thoughts on the way to go forward. So, when I read this post I felt the crushing feeling that I might had asked the wrong set of questions with the intention of helping people. Most on my questions focused on drawing out the “ego-“ in them, rather than the “eco-“. Not merely the eco-, mother nature kind, but to understand that they are a part of the system and need to begin to understand their place in the grand scheme of things.

This is especially highlighted in Theory U & Presencing;

And sadly these have been the mindsets which have driven our world into an ego-centric one with so much of the social, economic and personal problems.

So here are the ways to shift the questions;

Read the full article here

Read more about the ego-to-eco here


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