Doing “Check-In” For Virtual Sessions

Doing “Check-In” for participants in a meeting of any sorts helps participants bring them selves into the space and be present in the activities as the day unfolds is an important component of our workshop sessions and activities. I recently had to facilitate a online session and was scratching my head on how to do a “Check-In”.

After discussing with several people and reading other experiences online, I went ahead to try putting a slide on the virtual meeting platform. This “check-in” slide is simple and straight forward. Participants in the virtual session had the chance to make a mark on a column to indicate how they were feeling – or their personal weather status. I also did this ±5 mins before the session started to allow people who came early to do something and buy time for those who were connecting late to the virtual session.

This method also allowed me to confirm that everyone made their mark, could understand and hear me over the virtual space and certainly helped me feel like I was talking to real people out there.

So at your next virtual meeting, try this check-in method and build the collaborative spirit in your work teams.


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