Solving Climate Change? Solving?

It is really strange to see how often we say that we must solve “climate change”. It is really a reversal to a state of equilibrium to when businesses and industrialisation didn’t have an accelerated impact. The hypothetical of having humans suddenly taken out of the equation is depicted in National Geographic’s – Aftermath: Population Zero.

The “climate change” issue is a reality we face and thinking on how to reduce the progress and impact may be one way to handle the situation, but ultimately, we bottom line is who really profits? Planet or People?

In the complexity of climate change, it is definitely a tri-sector issue. Yet governments are pressured by scientists and the public to make changes to the way businesses are done.

Conservation International highlights;

Governments can only go so far in addressing climate change. Lasting solutions will require involvement by all of us. Leadership from the business sector is a crucial part of the equation.

Over the past 15 years, we have seen more and more leading companies recognize that sustainability needs to be a core part of their business models, not only to improve their long-term bottom lines, but also to meet the expectations of their customers, employees and shareholders.

How then can businesses include a sustainable view in every step and stage of their business?


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