Events vs Processes

A interesting article from Tim Elmore on how to design the leadership development process – not event;

We overdose on events that can never actually nourish us. They motivate, but they can’t mature someone in their leadership skills. And even the motivation vanishes quickly. I bet that annual conference you just attended is nothing but a great memory in the minds of your students. No lasting change took place—except for a notebook that now collects dust on your shelf. Like cotton candy, we all love events—but they’re sugar. They energize us, but don’t last.

What is required to do a leader-development process? No doubt the process can take on many forms. No two may look alike. I believe, however, the essential elements are listed below.

1) Community Interaction
2) Relevant Resources
3) Facilitated Exercises
4) Real-time Modeling
5) Action Steps
6) Measured Assessment
7) Time Lapse

I suggest that you never plan an event unless you also plan a process to follow that event. Never underestimate the power of the process—it leads to healthy growth.

Read the full article here


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