A New Tree of Life

In April 2016, scientist unveiled the new tree of life and Carl Zimmer (Author of Parasite Rex) wrote in the NY Times;

The researchers studied DNA from 2,072 known species, along with the DNA from 1,011 species newly discovered by Dr. Banfield and her colleagues.

The scientists needed a supercomputer to evaluate a vast number of possible trees. Eventually, they found one best supported by the evidence.

It’s a humbling thing to behold. All the eukaryotes, from humans to flowers to amoebae, fit on a slender twig. The new study supported previous findings that eukaryotes and archaea are closely related. But overshadowing those lineages is a sprawling menagerie of bacteria.

Another piece of old information from the end of the previous century kicked out of my brain.

Read the full article here


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