Talk – FrogWorks

Adventures with Green Engineering

Science Centre Singapore and Engineering Design & Innovation Centre are organising a talk with A/Prof Martin Henz from the School of Computing, NUS.

Powered recreational locomotion has recently seen a wave of innovation due to advances in battery and electric motor technology. For example, electric scooters and monocycles are contributing to the quality of life of millions. The students of the design and prototyping studio, FrogWorks at NUS believe that the best is yet to come from engineering of green recreation.

Following the principles of the Design-Centric Programme in the Faculty of Engineering, FrogWorks students are pushing the limits. This Café tells the story of FrogWorks innovation on land with converting a sports motorcycle to the rally-proven FWi electric vehicle, at sea with Singapore’s only carbon-neutral motorised yacht, FW2, and in the air with the Snowstorm multi-copter that can fly a person, and with a novel recreational aircraft concept, The Delta (which is prominently featured on a National Geographic Channel episode of Machine Impossible of Thursday, 28 July at 9pm).


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