Playfully Scientific

This picture of Einstein sticking out his tongue is one of the most recognisable and used images to remind us of the playful nature of life, science and the intellectuals. But how was this image caught on photo? Science Dump reveals it in this article;

In honor of Einstein’s 72nd birthday, friends and colleagues met at the Princeton Club for a celebration on the night of March 14, 1951 – which was both heavy on merriment and press photographers. When his birthday celebration was over that night, Einstein was pretty tired. So he patiently posed for the photographers. Eventually a friend offered to drive him to his home and they left the building. But as the Professor entered the car, the news cameramen Art Sasse rushed up to make ‘just one more picture’ and he kind of loudly asked: ‘Ya, Proffesor, shmile for your birthday picture, Ya?’ And as Sasse states: ‘he turns around and stuck his tongue out, and I made my shot.‘

Read the full article here


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