Foster Purpose, Not Urgency

Kimberly Lockhart shares this about the need to create a sense of purpose instead of urgency.

She highlights the outcomes created by urgency;

  • Shortcuts & Sloppiness
  • Limited space for creative solutions
  • Micromanagement
  • Loss of potency
  • Disrupts communication

Instead a sense of purpose creates things differently.

A sense of purpose is a deep understanding of the reasons behind our efforts and a desire to pour in time and energy because that purpose resonates with the impact we’d like to make on the world.

A sense of purpose is immersion in our cause, and allowing that exposure to motivate action. A sense of purpose is about going faster and smarter toward a mission we all see clearly. It’s about using good judgment because we all understand the short and long term implications of our actions on what we’re creating together.

Creating a sense of urgency is about deadlines, nagging and sheer speed. Fostering a sense of purpose is different. It’s a collaborative endeavor, and it requires trust that your team members will translate their sense of purpose into increased effectiveness.

Your primary job as a leader is to hire the right team, and then to spend time inspiring this sense of purpose. Help people understand the impact of their work, and speed will follow.

Read the full article here


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