Authentic People Habits

WEF has an article on the “10 habits of utterly authentic people” by Dr. Travis Bradberry, and it highlights how important it is to remain authentic in today’s social & work environment.

To live authentically, you must own your actions and ensure that they align with your beliefs and needs. This can be a difficult thing to maintain when external forces pressure you to do something you’re not comfortable with or to be someone you’re not.

Here are the 10 habits (Abridged);

  1. They help others to be their authentic selves.
  2. They let go of negative people
  3. They express their true feelings and opinions, even when they’re not popular
  4. They are confident
  5. They prefer deep conversations to meaningless chatter
  6. They don’t take anyone’s advice without evaluating it carefully first
  7. They don’t complain about their problems
  8. They’re internally motivated.
  9. They make the best out of any situation
  10. They don’t get stressed or upset when someone doesn’t like them

Read the full article here


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