Insights From “The Beginning of Life”

The recent Netflix trial allowed me to watch this documentary on that looks at how the early days of a child is affected by how they learn, who they learn from and the quality of our experiences with them.

There are several nuggets of insights all along this film and many of them resonated with innovation, presencing and curiosity.

On The Capacity Of Children To Learn

“Babies are the best learning machines in the world”

“We are realizing they (babies) are the best scientist and best learners in the universe”

On Innovation;

“Children with high self esteem are willing to take risks and chances about learning new things because they can be wrong”

“Children fail a lot… So we need to boost their self esteem so that they can keep going till they succeed.”

On Curiosity;

“They are being very sensitive to the all of the patterns of information and everything that is happening around them, and they are taking that information putting it to use and figuring out what is happening in the world”

“Babies have hypothesis of what’s going on around the world and they try to confirm them”

A child needs to be free. Free to Choose, Free to observe, Free to stay close or move around, free to experience materials in different ways.

On Changing the paradigm of how we understand babies learning;

“Philosophers, psychologists & psychiatrists thought that babies were irrational, ego-centric, immoral, unable to take perspective of another person, …. and in the past 30 years, science has taught us the total opposite.”

On the Understanding Self (with a capital “S”);

What is firing in the babies brain? Its nothing less than a sense of self. How does it feel to be me? How does it feel to be human? This life, what is this? That’s whats forming, our sense of self and our sense of the world.

On Co-Creating their Learning;

They’re not a blank slate for us to put in knowledge or skills

Children learn by co-developing their knowledge together with you, their friends and other children.

Watch the trailer


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