The Problems Facing Science Today

Science is almost seen as the voice of reason, incorruptible and the voice of the rational. Yet, we forget that science is driven by man and that inherently leaves it open to the desires and agendas which man creates.

This article highlights 7 problems facing science;

  1. Academia has a huge money problem.
  2. Too many studies are poorly designed. Blame bad incentives.
  3. Replicating results is crucial. But scientists rarely do it.
  4. Peer review is broken
  5. Too much science is locked behind paywalls
  6. Science is poorly communicated to the public
  7. Life as a young academic is incredibly stressful

Read the full article here

At this point of time, I feel connect to Problem #6 – Poor Scientific Communication. While some good headway is being done on this, we need to get the real hardcore science out in the open and get the public to be more aware of the impact, implications and improvements which awaits society. The first point of leverage will certainly be the scientist themselves… How can we get scientists to communicate better?


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