9 Types of Asian Entrepreneurs

TechInAsia shares 9 types of entrepreneurs in asia.

  1. Greenhorns – Fresh out of college & excited for the future.
  2. Visionaries – People who want to solve the hardest problems in the world
  3. Daredevils – Essentially visionaries and are hard to understand. They are quick to pick a fight and will win at all costs
  4. Exit-ers – They want to be acquired
  5. Executors – They make sure actions speak louder than words
  6. Posers – They like to be seen with the entrepreneur crowd. We also know them as “Want-preneurs”
  7. Bullshitters – Like posers and can given poor advice to the greenhorns
  8. Octopi – They have multiple companies under their belt.
  9. Valley Types – Smart and able to identify trends from Silicon Valley and teleport them to Asia (Me Toos?)

Read the full list here

Which do you associate yourself with?


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