Balancing Entrepreneurism & Family

Dale Turken’s article on “Balancing Entrepreneurialism And Family Starts With Healthy Habits” was a timely read as things in life have expanded in size and scope.

Here are a few excerpts

Entrepreneurs are subject to a stressful lifestyle. One day you might have a completely “normal” work schedule and then suddenly be slammed with several all-nighters in a row. The craziness of entrepreneurship can be both thrilling and exhausting — and your health can greatly influence your success.

Plan Ahead Always
This seems like a no-brainer, but taking those extra few minutes each night to plan for your following day can help you stay organized and on-track with all of your responsibilities. Go over your work schedule and review any calls, meetings or assignments you might have coming up. Double check your kids’ schedules and plan for any after-school curriculars that require your presence. Have your work bag and lunch, if you take one, packed and ready to go so your morning is as smooth as possible. The little details that you can take care of the night before make a huge difference when you need to be awake early in the morning.

Remember to Eat
Food is fuel for your body – don’t forget! Eating regular meals is an important part of your day’s routine and keeps you ready and alert for anything. A lot of entrepreneurs can run themselves into the ground when they forget to eat or when they snack on the closest thing nearby. Pack healthy treats like granola mixes or protein bars to snack on frequently to keep your energy levels up all day. When you skip a meal or feel the hunger pains coming on, it can be difficult to concentrate and focus on your work.

Take Mental Breaks
I’m not sure about you, but staring at a computer screen all day can be taxing and exhausting on my eyes. Your work as an entrepreneur may require you to work long hours throughout the day so remember to take short mental breaks to give yourself a chance to clear your head. As a dad, I find it refreshing to put down my work and spend an hour or two each day helping my kids with their work when they’re home from school, or getting some fresh air by volunteering to pick them up from their after school activities.

I’m going to add that some relaxation and time out activities can help too. Having some sort of exercise – like a walk, jog, swim, yoga can help. Trying out some mindfulness exercises can also help out. Do things which take you away from the computer and phones. Go offline often to open up your space.

Read the full article here


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