Is Mindfulness Here To Stay?

A recent article highlights that the Mindfulness trend is something you can’t ignore;

Everyone from Fortune 500 executives to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are talking about mindfulness. Mindfulness is the awareness that arises when you pay attention to the present moment, on purpose, and without judgment.

It is logical that if you set aside a regular time to observe your mind and thoughts, you develop a better understanding of your mental life. It becomes possible to recognize that thoughts and emotions are fleeting phenomenon. This eliminates the need to act impulsively.

Mindfulness is not just for hippies and monks anymore. It is now a necessary tool for success in the business world. Teaching your employees how to be mindful shows that you care about them professionally and personally, and that you know what it takes to be at the vanguard of the new millennia.

From this article and the buzz around the organisations which I have been working with, Mindfulness is here to stay but how is it going to be sticky? It would be the realisation of the spiritual element to business. This one thing which has absence itself as when the church separated from the state. Unfortunately, while the powers were separated, we also lost the recognition of the holistic nature of our selves. Even the emergence of the scientific revolution has also marginalised the recognition of the spiritual component to the things we do and how we are connected to each other on a deep level.


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