Teaching Children to Fail

This article shares how parents play a role in teaching their children to fail by Carolyn.

Well, they say that we teach what we need to learn most. So, here I am. The one thing that I learned from that encounter was this – I want to teach my son about the beauty of FAILURE.

In our mistaken definition of a ‘good parent’, we have embraced this notion that good parenting is equal to protecting our children from all harm, including – heaven forbid -the slim possibility that they might fail. By not allowing our children to fail, we are failing our children. By shielding them from temporary pain, we are making them permanent quitters. We seem to have forgotten that without struggle, there can be never be any progress. That our children need to go through embarrassing moments, so they can develop the gift of empathy.

We need to let our children fail, so that they can succeed. How?

Let them go back to school with unfinished assignments, because you will not remind them to do their homework.

Let them show up in school without their homework books and face the consequences, because you are done putting their books back in their bags for them.

Let them color outside the lines.

And this one is for mums – let your children fall off their bikes – it is the only way they will learn!

And for the daddies. Go easy on your kids. Let them know failure is acceptable.

Failure is certainly a hush hush word in the Asian culture. We treat failure like a leper – All covered up and never to be mentioned again. From divorce, poor grades, not achieving stereotypical successes and even business failure, we refuse to bring it up and share with others. This could explain why may entrepreneur success stories don’t give enough air time to the failures. When I work with kids, I usually let them do what they want to do. When it ends up not going well, I take the opportunity to let them know how to make it right and how they could have made better choices. We also let them learn from consequences. Its really hard to watch them as they fail. Its like watching a movie and knowing the ending.

Read the full article here


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