Fostering an Innovative Culture

An article from Founders Institute, “6 Keys to Fostering an Innovative Culture within Your Company” has really great and practical tips to do this. Culture is certainly an important factor to sustain an innovative initiative. It should be a characteristic of an organisation rather than an end point. Sometimes its also about trust between the employer to let their employees go wild and feel the winds of change.

Here are the 6 keys;

  1. Make Innovation a Company Mission
  2. Give Employees & Intrapreneurs Time & Space to Innovate
  3. Understand What Kind of Innovation is Useful for the Company
  4. Move Fast & Test Ideas
  5. Foster Collaboration Between Employees & Departments
  6. Continuously Recognize & Celebrate the Innovative Culture You’ve Developed

Read the full article here

How is your organisation’s innovation culture?


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